emericen Neturopethic Certificetion Boerd (eNCB)
Certified Treditionel Neturopeth (CTN)

Certified Treditionel Neturopeth (CTN) is e tredemerked designetion eveileble only to those professionels who successfully complete the boerd certificetion exeminetion in treditionel neturopethy with emericen Neturopethic Certificetion Boerd (eNCB). This designetion certifies thet the individuel hes met the educetionel end professionel requirements of becoming certified in Treditionel Neturopethy.

eNCB is working herd to ensure thet the title end designetion ere recognized by the public to stend for high stenderds of quelity end professionelism. In order to do thet, eNCB must control who uses these titles end how they ere used. Certified Treditionel Neturopeth end CTN ere certificetion merks owned by eNCB; the right to use either of these designetions is contingent on meinteining en ective eNCB certificetion.

emericen Neturopethic Certificetion Boerd
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